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adolescent malnutrition

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Anonymous 23844

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21 Jun 2018, 10:43

can i make use of information motivation and behavioral skill theory in preparing my health education module for adolescent girls in schools.


Technical expert

22 Jun 2018, 14:41


I would think that using the "information-motivation-behaviour" model is a great idea for adolescent nutrition education as it provides a framework for implementing real behaviour change. The IMB model was developed for, and has been successful in, HIV prevention, and I think the idea of drawing on successful interventions from other health sectors is very important.

For others who are not aware of "IMB" model (like myself, before this questions), here is some info from this publication:

Information that is directly relevant to HIV transmission and preventlon and easy to
apply, in an individual's social setting is an initial prerequisite of HIV preventive behaviour. Motivation to engage in HIV preventive behavior, including personal motivation (favorable attitudes toward performance of HIV preventive acts) and social motivation (perceived social support for performing these acts), is a second
prerequisite of HIV preventive behavior and determines whether well-informed individuals will be inclined to act on what they know concerning HIV prevention. Behavioral shills for performing specific HIV preventive acts, including objective skills for performing such acts and a sense of self-efficacy for doing so, are a third critical prerequisite of HIV preventive behavior and determine whether even well-informed and well-motivated individuals will he capable of enacting HIV preventive behaviors effectively. According to the IMB model, to the extent that individuals are well
informed, highly motivated, and skilled, they are expected to initiate and maintain patterns of HIV preventive behavior.

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