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Tailored support currently available on Assessments from the Tech RRT!

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Andi Kendle

Technical Support Team Coordinator

Normal user

30 Aug 2018, 08:10

Tech RRT provides tailored support to individual organisations for nutrition assessments

Does your organization need help conducting nutrition assessments or want to increase the capacity of your staff to undertake them? Need help doing it?

Feel free to get in touch with the Tech RRT – we provide technical support to individual agencies (as well as to the collective, if needed). National or International organizations as well as health ministries can request our support.
Opportunities for financial support are available if necessary, thanks to USAID/OFDA!

Examples of the kind of activities that the Tech RRT Assessment Advisor can support are:
* Lead, plan and conduct nutrition surveys and assessments, or support others to do so. This can include support to SMART surveys, IYCF assessments, anaemia assessments, barrier analysis and initial rapid assessments comprising:
• Identify the type of assessment to undertake according to needs.
• Design and prepare for the assessment, including: initial planning, selecting tools and methods, writing survey guidelines, sampling, determining survey timeline, designing survey budget and planning logistics, including any special tools and equipment needed.
• Collect background and demographic information before the assessment/survey.
• Oversee the assessment, including monitoring and supervision of data collection and data entry
• Draft the survey report and support the finalisation of the report
• Facilitate discussions around recommendations from the findings

* Assess capacity building needs of staff members on nutrition assessments and methodologies
* Facilitate trainings, Training of Trainers (TOTs) or orientation sessions to improve weaknesses identified
* Lead in the development of proposals and budgets to seek funding for nutrition assessments
* Support the monitoring of established nutrition assessment and surveillance systems
* Provide interpretation and triangulation of nutrition assessments data to inform gap analysis and response monitoring in emergency contexts

If you are working for an organization that needs support on nutrition assessments, please request an advisor!

Want to read more about our work? Check out our Past Deployments and follow us on Twitter!

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