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Cash for nutrition and Nutrition & health service utilization

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Edgar Twinomujuni

Programme Officer (Nutrition)

Normal user

30 Aug 2018, 11:51

Does someone have a recent study on conditional cash transfers and how they affect nutrition and maternal-child health service utilisation

Jonathan Nsamba

Programs Officer- NCDs

Normal user

31 Aug 2018, 07:53

Here is a review that could be of interest to you.

Regine Kopplow

Sen. Advisor Food& Nutrition Security

Normal user

31 Aug 2018, 09:02

Concern Worldwide in Niger implemented a conditional cash transfer programme and assessed the impact on child nutrition. The findings are summarised in a report (June2018) which you can find here

Kate Ogden

Normal user

3 Sep 2018, 10:26

See the following report published recently following a review commissioned by World Food Programme and Action Contre la Faim entitled 'Impacts of cash on nutrition outcomes'.

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