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MUAC and oedema

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Mark Myatt

Consultant Epidemiologist

Frequent user

30 Aug 2018, 16:07

Here is an article on MUAC and oedema that you may find interesting.

Anonymous 32031

Ministry of Health

Normal user

16 May 2019, 06:48

One of the criteria for admission into the OTP program is oedema +, ++. Is SAM the only cause of bilateral oedema in children? If presence of oedema alone is a criteria for admission, how can we be sure that the oedema is not the result of other causes other than SAM?


Sub County Nutrition Coordinator

Normal user

16 May 2019, 18:36

Other causes of oedema are CCF(congestive cardiac failure) and AGN (acute glomerulonephritis).

Anonymous 3457

Nut-SMART Program Manager /AAH

Normal user

19 May 2019, 04:12

the SAM oedema is characterized: 1) oedema should be bilateral. 2) oedema will start from feet. 3) pitting sign will be positive

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