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Coartem administration to SAM children in malaria endemic area

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Anonymous 2729

Nutrition Coordinator

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5 Sep 2018, 08:12


What is the recommendation of Coartem administration to SAM children in malaria endemic area? There is a discussion about Coartem has to be given systematically to all children admitted to OTP and the other discussion was Coartem should be administer after malaria rapid test and if the child is positive, however there is also debate that due to low immunity of malnourished children even if the child will undergo through rapid test the possibility to be positive is low . what is the recommendation to admister Coartem to SAM children admitted to OTP

Jay Berkley


Frequent user

5 Sep 2018, 10:41


Malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) work by measuring proteins that are produced directly by the malaria parasite, they do not depend on the child''s ability to respond to malaria.

If a child is significantly unwell, they should be referred. If a child has a positive RDT then they can be treated according to the national or program policy. If the RDT performed and it is negative and the child is well,, there is no reason to treat.

Resistance to Coartem is already present in some parts of SE Asia. WHO recommends testing before treating to avoid resistance developing in Africa.

all the best



Tammam Ali Mohammed Ahmed

Nutrition Specialist/ Save the Children

Normal user

5 Sep 2018, 11:47

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