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MUAC tape for adults and adolescents

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Ikechukwu Eberendu


Normal user

27 Sep 2018, 02:12

Please, in the absence of MUAC tape for pregnant women and adolescents, can one use an ordinary tape to measure MUAC in adolescents and how can it be standardized? How can I get the MUAC tape for pregnant women and adolescents?


Technical expert

28 Sep 2018, 14:34


yes, you can use an ordinary tape - some MUAC tapes for adults do not have colour codes on them anyway, so an ordinary tape would not be that different from some adult MUAC tapes. The tape can be similar to those used by a tailor for measurements, but make sure it is not made of a material that can stretch! UNICEF can usually supply adult MUAC tapes. It depends which country you are in. Im not aware of all the supply chains around, so maybe some in-country can advise you.

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