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conditional food assistance - what sensible conditions can you recommend?

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Gudrun Stallkamp

Regional Nutrition Advisor/ East & Southern Africa

Normal user

27 Sep 2018, 15:40

Dear All,

We'd like to build in some conditionalities into a general food distribution activity and the conditions should be beneficial/ related to nutrition. The conditionality could be quite broad and also does not necessarily need to be at the level of the individual/ family that receives the food but may be at village/ community level in more general. So, a conditional activity/ achievement that is accomplished at community level, where all would contribute, would be ok.
The food distributions are on a regular/ monthly basis and the conditions should be aligned to this (they may require longer to be achieved at times).

I'd be grateful to draw on our combined brain power here, please:
What type of conditional activities would you recommend to attach to the GFDs? They shouldn't be too complex, need to be feasible within a resource-poor, vulnerable population. They need to be real and not just tick-off activities, but have the potential to start off some (initial) change in practice/ behavior or achieve something concrete. We'd like to also measure/ verify achievement of the condition although we already anticipate the need for some flexibility at times.

Thank you so much for any thoughts/ ideas!

Ali Dino Kunbher

Program Manager Sindh/ Deutsche Welthungerhilfe

Normal user

12 Oct 2018, 09:24

Dear anonymous,
Thanks for highlighting the important and interesting subject. Let me share my thoughts in the scenario of drought emergency response.
Since, drought situation is slow onset emergency during which many things especially infrastructure are intact. Less changes of evacuation/relocation are noticed in drought emergencies (Pakistan case) which means there are more options and opportunities of putting conditionalities on the General Food Distribution. As examples, following conditionalities could be put.
• Attendance of children (especially girls) in the school
• Food for Training (training/awareness sessions on drought mitigation measures)
• Food for livestock management (drought mitigation measures taken for livestock, for example, de-stocking, minimizing livestock and establishing dairy value chains).

Hope my thoughts provide room for more discussions.

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