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Programme Manager (Maternity cover)

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Joseph Galabuzi


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1 Oct 2018, 09:50

Job Description

Job Title: Programme Manager
Reporting to: Director of Programmes
Line management responsibility: Yes
Budget responsibility: Yes
Base: VI’s Oxford UK office. Some home-working may be negotiable.
Full time / Part time Full time
Length of contract Maternity Cover - 10 months
Salary range: £26,260 to £28,785

*ONLY applicants with the right to live and work in the UK will be considered for this position*

Valid International (VI) is a limited company with a social objective to improve global health and nutrition with evidence-based, equitable, high impact solutions (see It is currently developing and rolling out Valid Measures. This is an innovative range of mapping, impact assessment and market research tools, provided exclusively by VI (see Our tools utilise cost-effective spatial sampling methods that allow for the reporting of indicators at considerably finer spatial resolution than those reported by standard survey methods. Our bespoke software and approach allows results to be fed back far more quickly than traditional survey analysis and affords the possibility of real-time data checking and verification, thereby increasing the speed and reliability of assessment results.

Brief Job Description
The overall role of the Programme Manager is to manage a diverse range of VI International projects and programmes, develop new project contracts and support the smooth operation of the Organisation. Ultimately, the purpose of the role is to support high quality delivery of VI’s projects. Day-to-day activities will vary from supporting proposal and budget development, to liaising with implementing partners and funding agencies, to copy editing reports. There may be some need for international travel linked to certain projects. It’s important to note that this is primarily a management and administrative role, although some technical background and/or experience of project implementation will support the responsibilities outlined below.
Main Responsibilities of the Job:

Place in the Organisation
The two Programme Managers will work closely together and with the Director of Programmes, the Director of Finance Administration and IT, the Office Manager and VI’s consultants to manage, support and coordinate a varied portfolio of projects and programmes.

Development and management of new projects and programmes:
Working with Director of Programmes and the Director of Finance Administration and IT:
• Support (and in some instances lead) development of new project proposals (both technical and financial) with clients.
• Take the lead in negotiations with potential and existing partners to establish contractual agreements;
• Liaise with in-country partners to develop terms of reference and contracts for implementing projects and programmes;
• Manage requirements and work-plans of staff and consultants in the field.
• With support of Office Manager oversee all travel and coordinate logistics for projects and programmes;
• Ensure appropriate technical support is available to staff, consultants, field teams and partner agencies
• Oversee budget management and tracking of assigned projects, including ensuring timely submission of invoices
• Ensure compliance with reporting requirements (both technical and financial) as required by each donor or consultancy agreement, supporting and/or leading on completion of high quality, well presented and timely deliverables
• Support dissemination of project outputs in useable formats both internally and for external stakeholders (e.g. through upload to VI website)

Information and Communications
Working with Director of Programmes, the Director of Finance Administration and IT and the Office Manager:
• Maintain and strengthen working relationships and communication links between VI and its partners
• Contribute to excellent internal communication links between VI staff and consultants and participate in regular team programming meetings
• Collate, maintain and circulate all field documentation and relevant policy papers/general articles to staff and consultants
• Help maintain web-based intranet library and internet website
• Support Office Manager to produce an informative and timely newsletter for circulation to all staff and core consultants.

Human Resources
Working with Director of Programmes and the Director of Finance Administration and IT and the Office Manager:
• Manage core staff and consultants in their roles on the projects for which you are responsible
• Work with HR support to recruit and contract consultants for projects and oversee orientation and performance once in post.
• Oversee monthly salary allocations of staff and authorise payment of consultant invoices for assigned projects.
• Help to identify potential training and professional development opportunities both for the Programme Manager position and for core staff working on the projects for which you are responsible.

Person Specification:

Criteria Essential / Desirable
• At least 3 years’ experience in the humanitarian and/or development sector E
• Masters or equivalent in any subject related to international development E
• Experience of project cycle management E
• Experience of monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian/development programmes E
• Experience of working with funders from the humanitarian and development sectors E
• Demonstrable knowledge and competency in the development of project proposals E
• Demonstrable knowledge and competency in the development of budgets for proposals and experience of project financial management E
• Demonstrable experience of staff / team management E
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills E
• Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with a diverse range of people E
• Strong organisational and time management skills E
• A flexible, proactive approach to the role E
• Demonstrable interest in and commitment to the aims and values of international development E
• Fluency in English E

• Experience of nutrition programming D
• Ability to interpret nutritional data D
• Experience in addressing acute and chronic malnutrition D
• Experience of design, data collection and analysis of nutrition/health surveys and assessments D
• Fluency in French D

Please see: for full details of this position. 

Closing date for applications is Thursday 18thOctober 2018 at 12.00 noon.

Please apply with CV and cover letter at:

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