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Weighted analysis of SMART survey data

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Adama Ndiaye

Specialiste en Nutrition

Normal user

16 Nov 2018, 11:03

Hi everybody,
I am trying to get the results of weighted analysis of SMART survey data. I got just global and severe rates. Now, I would like know if it is possible to generate the same results as ENA with another software (STATA or EpiInfo for example)?
Thanks for for your help,

Abdikader Ahmed

Senior Health and Nutrition Advisor

Normal user

18 Nov 2018, 11:38

I think SPSS wiil be of use.

Bradley A. Woodruff


Technical expert

19 Nov 2018, 17:05

Dear Adama:

Any statistics program worth its salt should be able to use sampling weights in data analysis. Even if a program does not have the explicit capacity to use sampling weights, there are ways to incorporate sampling weights by multiplying the weighting factor by the values in the dataset. But these are subjects for a course in statistics. Whoever is in charge of your data analysis should be very familiar with the calculation and use of sampling weights because inappropriate weights will produce biased estimates of your outcomes.

I use SPSS which easily incorporates sampling weights into data analyses. I know R, STATA, SAS, and many others also have this capacity. However, I calculate the weights in a spreadsheet, then copy them into my SPSS program.

Good luck,
Brad Woodruff

Adama Ndiaye

Specialiste en Nutrition

Normal user

21 Nov 2018, 20:08

Thanks for your useful response!

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