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Nutrition sensitive agriculture

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Normal user

26 Feb 2019, 13:17

I am looking for any tools which can be used to promote production and consumption of fruit trees as part of a nutrition sensitive agriculture (NSA) programme or any lessons or strategies that have been used in that area.


Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

10 Apr 2019, 22:14

Dear Vongai,

We have consulted with our technical team and there appears to be a lack of known resources specifically on this topic.

If others know of anything in development or anything they have used, please do share.

In the meantime, this more general resource, Nutrition sensitive agriculture and food systems in practice from FAO may be of some use:

Best wishes,

Mbaye Diop


Normal user

11 Apr 2019, 14:50

To try to answer your question I think we have to work on the processing of these fruits.
Work to make consumable juice powder affordable to the population.

Muhammad Jaffar Ali MSNC PnD Punjab Pakistan

Sector Specialist

Normal user

5 Jul 2020, 07:28

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture can do wonders in reducing Malnutrition.Even those living below poverty line can be the potentail benificieries. Growing vegetable with low cost seeds can help in attaining nutritious vegetables/food at home and PLW and Lactating mother can have advantage of this. Fruit trees are off added advantage not only for the mothers but also for the children of growing age. Social Protection iniatives in this regards can be very helpfull. In Punjab Pakistan we have amlpe stories where people living with the poverty taken advantage of the kitchen gardening. Govt. also distributed different vegetable seeds on low price.

Sagam caleb

Nuttition officer masinde muliro university

Normal user

5 Jul 2020, 17:43

Very true integrating  agriculture  in nutrition programs  will help in solving problems  that have always  been hard to solve. It will enhance food diversity. This touches everyone in nutrition  in the  life cycle. 

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