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ODK Dietary Diversity Survey for Ethiopia

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Kat Pittore

Wageningen University and Research

Normal user

5 Mar 2019, 09:35

I am working on a project where we plan to use Dietary diversity as one of the indicators. However, rather than having a large baseline and endline using external enumerators, we are interested in considering using HEWs (health extension workers) to collect the data on an ongoing basis. In other projects we use ODK (Open Data Kit) to collect data using mobile phones and tablets. Does anyone have a DDS in ODK already developed for use in the Ethiopian context?

Maree Bouterakos


Normal user

11 Mar 2019, 14:18

Dear Kat,

At FAO, we are currently working on a project collecting MDD-W data with the Ethiopian Public Health Institute and GIZ Ethiopia. We will commence data collection in the coming months and plan to use ODK to collect data.

It would be great to discuss further. Please get in touch.

Blessing Mureverwi


Normal user

11 Mar 2019, 16:33

Basically,if you are to use ODK for dietary diversity,you simply need the standard food groups on the questionnaire with a response coded 1 for yes and 0 for no.On the questionnaire,you can adapt the actual sections according to local foods and this can easily be done by working with people from the community,e.g. for cereals,the tool may appear as "sorghum,maize,bread".In doing analysis,the standard groups are then collapsed into the standard 12 groups using functions such as recode if using EPI INFO.

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