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Sultan Ahmed

Coordinator. Balochistan Nutrition Directorate

Normal user

15 Mar 2019, 06:26

I have not been able to see any article about the Gender and nutrition in the cross cutting theme, therefore, kindly if it is missing, please include some articles that are relevant to the gender and nutrition. Thanks

Kemal J. Tunne

Emergency project coordinator

Normal user

15 Mar 2019, 15:35

Dear Sultan

Go though this link may help for your need Gender and Nutrition in emergencies Training Packages - Nutrition Cluster
A well-coordinated and comprehensive response to education needs in humanitarian ... Harmonized Training Package: (HTP) for Nutrition in Emergencies and ... in emergencies and module 22 on gender sensitive nutrition programming.
Module 22: Gender-responsive nutrition in emergencies ZIP WORD
It provides an overview of gender and nutrition in emergencies. ..... Training Package (HTP) Module 21, Standards and accountability in humanitarian response, ...
gender and nutrition in emergencies - United Nations Girls' Education ...
Emergencies are often characterized by a high .... the importance of a gender perspective in analysis and response: Recent assessments and evaluations of the .... 2.


World Food Programme

Normal user

15 Mar 2019, 18:16

We have done a study on Gender, disability and nutrition in Uganda. I can share the full article with you. share contacts


Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

2 Apr 2019, 10:40

From Medoline at Medair:

Hi all,
I have been checking for information on mainstreaming gender equality in nutrition programming. I came across a Nutrition International link titled “Gender Equality and Nutrition” which can be found in the link below please review it and see if this will address your questions.

Kind regards,

Moses Logani

Director, Agriculture and Environment Management P

Normal user

2 Apr 2019, 16:00

Hi all,
Thanks for the posted links. To a greater extent they served a lot of my requirements in the gender and nutrition capacity building initiatives in Southern Tanzania.


Sultan Ahmed

Gender Expert

Normal user

4 Apr 2019, 10:01

Dear All, many thanks for your prompt responses.


Nutrition Specialist

Normal user

4 Apr 2019, 15:24

Hi Sultan - there is this 15/16 pages issue paper on gender and nutrition which was prepared by FAO. . It was released back in 2012 ( can be a bit outdated ) . I still found it very useful when I think of incorporating gender issues in nutrition programing . I can send you by email if you put your email ID here .



Nutrition Consultant

Normal user

4 Apr 2019, 15:35

Hello Sinksar,
Could you also email the FAO 2012 gender nutrition paper..
Thanks in advance


Nutrition Specialist

Normal user

5 Apr 2019, 09:21

Dear Estar - Its Done .

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