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Nutrition Advisor - Washington DC-based Opportunity

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Natalia Douma

Recruitment Manager, Economic Growth

Normal user

12 Apr 2019, 17:14

DAI seeks a Nutrition Advisor on an anticipated complex activity designed to deliver evidence-based analysis and early warning of hazards, food insecurity, vulnerability to food insecurity, and famine to the US Government and USAID, and to national governments and regional, international and non-governmental organizations worldwide. It is expected that the program will undertake a wide range of food security, nutrition, and livelihoods assessments that require a diverse set of methods, including livelihood baselines, rapid food security assessments, and vulnerability assessments with a wide range of network partners.


The position will be based in Washington, DC and will require travel to field offices to support the planning and implementation of assessments. The Nutrition Advisor will provide technical leadership in the development and implementation of a diverse set of qualitative and quantitative approaches to establish baselines and assess changes in food access and nutrition. The Nutrition Advisor will be responsible for the following activities:
• Provide leadership to develop the suite of the project’s nutrition methods
• Support field staff and collaborating partners in conducting nutrition work
• Develop training materials and provide training on food access and malnutrition methods and assessments
• Collaborate with network partners at the international, regional, and national levels to coordinate planning and implementation of activities and methods development
• Contribute to the development of new information products targeted to specific decision makers (as required)
• Contribute to the technical direction of the project; and
• Conduct and provide leadership on malnutrition vulnerability analysis and mapping

Basic Qualifications:

• Advanced degree in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Geography, Public Health, or Economics
• Minimum of 10 years previous international experience providing technical assistance for activities in related areas above
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Excellent analytical, communication, editing and writing skills with the ability to conceptualize nutrition evaluation and to understand the strategic implications of findings of other team members
• Demonstrated project management, leadership, and technical skills
• Fluent English, fluent French or Spanish highly desirable

Please e-mail with interest and CV.

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