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Commodity Management Expert Needed

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20 May 2019, 13:52

Please apply at: USAID Commodity Management Expert Consultant in Ethiopia

International Business & Technical Consultants, Inc. (IBTCI), a U.S. based international development consulting company established in 1987, has worked in over one hundred countries and implemented over three hundred projects. IBTCI serves government agencies, private sector companies and several donor agencies. IBTCI specializes in Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) across many sectors including, but not limited to, conflict and crisis, democracy and governance, economic growth, education, environment, and global health.

Assignment Title: Commodity Management Expert
Department/Location: AFE3
Technical Point of Contact: Steve Hansch
Type: Consultant
Classification: Consultancy

Overview: IBTCI is currently seeking Commodity Management Experts to participate in a Study on Somali Regional Consumer Commodity Preferences, Commodity Applications, and Food Processing Capacities for Humanitarian Aid in Ethiopia. The main objectives of this study are to assess and determine whether the variety of Food for Peace (FFP) commodities that are received and distributed by WFP in the Somali Region are appropriate and to assess and determine what foods are preferred by the recipient population. Additionally, this study will evaluate the potential interest, capability and scale of food processors in transforming in­ kind staple food assistance commodities to supply- for large-scale humanitarian purposes. Finally, the study will suggest the way forward for humanitarian aid in the light of the new political and security developments in the Somali Region. Activity for this assessment is expected to take place from July 1st, 2019 to September 30th, 2019. This position is contingent on award.

Using your experience and subject matter skills, perform the following job responsibilities for the task order. Tasks could include, but are limited to:

Scope of Work:
• Design and lead interviews about food preferences, diets and cuisine;
• Travel across Somali region meeting with merchants, traders, pastoralist nomads and beneficiaries of food rations;
• Perform specific data collection and analytical works as directed by the Team Leader;
• Perform analytical work tasks as directed by the Team Leader;
• Assist with the Consumer Commodity Preference Team work output;
• Assist with the planning, managing, and supervising the commodity review;
• Other duties as assigned.

• This position does not authorize/require the consultant to directly communicate with IBTCI clients.
• This position does not authorize/require the consultant to have decision making authority on final work product

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Expertise and an understanding of food assistance and related commodity supply chains;
• Experience working with field supervisors and enumerators; coordinating field logistics, schedules and equipment;
• Expertise managing the data collection and data quality control in the field.
• Fluency in Somalie and/or Oromiffa are strongly preferred.

Minimum Requirements:
• Ability to collect field information, analyze and review price trends, food availability and nutrient complementarities of local foods;
• Five years of experience with data collection procedures, surveys and analysis and interpretation of databases and managing the logistics of evaluation, assessments and reviews;
• Understanding of food assistance and a background in related commodity supply chains;
• Experience in overseeing field supervisors and enumerators; coordinating field logistics, schedules, and equipment; and managing the data collection and data quality control in the field;
• Good communication skills and the ability to interact with Ethiopians and international project professionals;
• Fluency in written and oral English;
• Ability to travel overland extensively in Ethiopia for several weeks.

Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a social science discipline such as accounting and finance, business administration or another field relevant to commodity review and assessment.

Travel: International travel to Ethiopia will be required, as well as travel to approved zones/woredas in Somali Region where WFP is implementing FFP-funded activities with commodities.

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