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what do the mothers think? 6-12 months after an emergency nutrition program

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nikki blackwell

Medical Consultant, ALIMA

Normal user

7 Mar 2011, 09:09

hello, i am not aware of any studies that take into account the perspective of mothers with children who have had SAM and been looked after in 'emergency nutrition programs' 6-12 months later - does anyone know of any please we are interested in this, in terms of quality improvement of our nutrition programs, thank you all nikki

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

7 Mar 2011, 14:35

I suggest that you contact VALID International Ltd. (VI) directly as they may have reports from their anthropologists and social development workers dating from the CTC development program (c. 2000 thru 2005) looking at caregiver and community perceptions of programs and SAM for both TFC and CTC programs. Let me know if you need a contact address for VI.

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