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Save the Children is recruiting a Tech RRT IYCF-E Advisor

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Andi Kendle

Technical Support Team Coordinator

Normal user

7 Jun 2019, 10:43

Save the Children is recruiting a Tech RRT IYCF-E Advisor

Technical Rapid Response Team (Tech RRT) Program Goal: To improve and strengthen the technical quality of programs and assessments for improved nutrition outcomes of affected populations in emergencies and protracted crisis situations.

The Partners: International Medical Corps (Lead), Save the Children and Action Against Hunger

The Tech RRT is comprised of three Technical Rapid Response Advisors, including one IYCF-E expert (hosted by Save the Children), one CMAM expert (hosted by International Medical Corps) and one needs assessment expert (hosted by Action Against Hunger). In addition, International Medical Corps has a program coordinator to manage this program. These experts are deployed to L3 emergencies as a priority and to L2 emergencies as needed to support nutrition partners on the ground including the nutrition cluster, and individual organizations, to conduct nutrition needs assessment, start-up or quickly expand CMAM programs, and support government and partners on Infant and Young Child Feeding in emergencies.

The three technical experts will be deployed an estimated 50% of the time. Non-deployment work could include remote support to country clusters, building the capacity of the consortium partners and other partners including Ministries of Health, government departments, in country UN agencies and local and international NGO staff on IYCF-E, CMAM, and needs assessments or supporting global level initiatives to further work in these thematic areas.

This post-holder will be a member of the Technical Rapid Response Team, the Save the Children Emergency Nutrition Working Group (ENWG) and the SCUK humanitarian nutrition team. The ENWG has a three year strategy for IYCF-E, and an ambitious plan for implementation commencing in 2019.


The post holder will be our lead IYCFE Advisor to be deployed by the Tech RRT mechanism, for approximately 50% of the time, and will contribute the remaining 50% of their time to supporting global or regional initiatives, often through the research and capacity building priorities of the Emergency Nutrition Working Group, and when required, country facing support.

When deployed, the IYCF-E Advisor will provide senior leadership and be responsible for improving the delivery of IYCF-E responses in rapid onset and protracted emergencies globally, through in country deployments to governments, nutrition clusters, the Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC), and local and international non-government organisations.


This post can be home based or UK based, and salary will depend on location.
The contract is 12 months, and will be extended based on confirmation of on-going funding.
Please apply by the 21st of June: Tech RRT IYCF-E Advisor

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