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How to manage a SAM inpatient case with F75 intolerance

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Normal user

20 Jun 2019, 18:38

Hello everyone,

Is there an alternative to F75 if child can't tolerate the formula, patient 26 months has bilateral odema +++ ( swelling in the face,legs and feet)no fever but vomits/spits out the F75.Refuses to drink the formula.

How can this case be managed? 

Kindly assist.


Action Against Hunger UK

Technical expert

21 Jun 2019, 06:03

Hi Charity,

when you say the child can’t tolerate the F75, I assume that this just means he refuses it as you describe. In that case insert a nasogastric tube and feed the appropriate amount of F75 for severe oedema cases according to the normal schedule. 




Normal user

21 Jun 2019, 07:01

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the reply but because it's a small facility we don't have nastoligic tubes is there no other option.


Action Against Hunger UK

Technical expert

21 Jun 2019, 10:01

Hi Charity,

Can you please write to me at my email address?



Spencer Rivadeneira Danies


Normal user

21 Jun 2019, 22:46

Hola Caridad, saludos Pablo.

Una opción válida y fácil es la administración de F75 a través de gotero, cuchara o jeringa. Espero sea de ayuda.

Automatic translation:

Hello Charity, greetings Paul,

One valid and easy option is administration of F75 by dropper, spoon or syringe. I hope this is helpful. 


Nutrition officer

Normal user

5 Jul 2022, 22:39

Hello everyone.How do I manage a 9 months child ,Admissio weght of 3.9 kgs,who refuses to take RUTF even when mixed with porridge hence no weight gain.Am using RUTF in the transition phase.

F100 not available.Monitored the child to assertain if not taking and she vomits if forced. No weight gain ,has been in the ward for 2 weeks.Came with a history of cough. Chest X-ray is clear no TB negative.The mother wants to be discharged even after being counseled.


Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

12 Jul 2022, 08:53

From Cecile Cazes:

You can try BP100 biscuits

Marie McGrath


Frequent user

12 Jul 2022, 09:30

Dear Sharleen, Is this baby breastfed?



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