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IYCF project UNHCR - Call for expression of Interest

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15 Nov 2019, 12:41

UNHCR has released a call for Expression of Interest for partners on the following topic:

Supporting the rollout of the multi-sectoral “IYCF friendly” framework for action for refugee situations and enhancing IYCF and IYCF-E capacity in refugee operations and refugee hosting communities.

A key component of UNHCR’s approach to reducing malnutrition and promoting healthy growth and survival of children is to improve the preventative aspects of under nutrition in refugee settings worldwide. In combination with other programmes, standard operating procedures, initiatives and policies and in collaboration with a multitude of sectors UNHCR aims to strengthen infant and young child feeding practices (IYCF) and infant and young child feeding practices in Emergencies (IYCF-E). In line with the principles outlined in the Comprehensive Refugee Framework and the Global compact on refugees and that refugees should be included in the communities from the very beginning, any work on IYCF and IYCF-E should take inclusion into account with refugee populations and surrounding host populations. Over the past several years, UNHCR together with Save the Children, with input and guidance from other technical actors and strong support from La Caixa Foundation have developed a multi-sectoral Infant and young child feeding Framework and associated tools. The purpose of the Framework is to provide guidance to managers and technical staff across sectors on what needs to be considered to create an ‘infant and young child friendly’ environment and facilitate optimal IYCF in refugee situations. The Framework specifically encourages protection of PLW, infants and young children through multi-sectoral integration of IYCF-sensitive activities by taking advantage of all contact points with PLW, infants, young children and caregivers. Data collected through UNHCR standardized expanded nutrition surveys (SENS) highlight many areas for improvement in the domain of IYCF in a range of refugee situations. The SENS surveys have recently been revised and the IYCF module has been expanded yet simplified in the aim of generating additional and more robust data on IYCF indicators. Compared to the baseline 2014 data, the IYCF results in SENS surveys conducted in refugee sites worldwide in 2018 show a significant improvement in Timely initiation of Breastfeeding from 25% of sites meeting the target of ≥85% to 53% of sites, Exclusive Breastfeeding targets at ≥75% of infants 0-5 months also showed improvement from 40% of sites in 2014 to 56% in 2018. Continued breastfeeding at 1 year with a target of ≥90% showed a slight deterioration from 58% of sites to 49% in 2008. Drawing on the experiences of the past several years with the roll out of the IYCF-Framework, which have shown many positive outcomes over and above the data presented above, UNHCR is seeking a partner with whom to collaborate on taking the implementation and mainstreaming of the IYCF Framework a step further and to continue to build the capacity of field teams and partners including MoH personnel on IYCF and IYCF-E programming in a range of contexts.

It is in this context that UNHCR are releasing this call for expression of interest to assist in the implementation and mainstreaming of the IYCF Framework in UNHCR refugee operations and refugee hosting communities

The Goal is to protect infants and young children in refugee situations and enhance their chances of survival, healthy growth and development.

The aim is to sensitise on and optimise conditions for infant and young child feeding related programming across sectors in refugee situations and refugee hosting communities.

The overall objective for the “IYCF friendly” partnership project is to support UNHCR and partners in implementing and mainstreaming the IYCF Framework and increasing capacity of field teams to integrate IYCF prioritisation in planning and implementation of their activities.

Main activities

Organizing and conducting IYCF-E trainings including on the IYCF framework in up to 3 UNHCR operations in collaboration with other partners including MoH personnel, and post training technical support at field level (at least one supportive mission to the training locations) potential countries could be 1 in Asia and 2 in East Africa.

Assisting in organizing a series of webinars aimed at the various sectors who can contribute to the IYCF Framework and designed to give guidance on the concrete collaborations possible in a range of different contexts using existing country examples.

Assisting in the roll out of the framework in 4 new countries; these are potentially 2 in Francophone West/Central Africa and 2 in East Africa.

Furthering of the existing monitoring framework for the implementation of the IYCF Framework, including a mapping of key achievements of the implementation so far. This will build on existing work around indicators and experience documentation and lessons learned and evaluations.

Strengthening the component of complementary feeding in the roll out of the Framework, which tends to concentrate on breastfeeding in many roll-out countries.

Consultations together with UNHCR and key partner stakeholders at Global/regional levels and country level  including the MoH on how the IYCF Framework can be used and promoted more in out-of-camp refugee situations and in mixed or non-refugee situations.

Interested partners are invited to apply by the 2nd December 2019 on the UN partner portal. The call itself and more details can be found here:

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