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Is fortified Banspatti Ghee (Trans fat) considered healthy to meet the challenges of malnutrition and health issues in Pakistan? That means trans-fat or hydrogenated is becoming an acceptable part of Pakistani diet….

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10 Dec 2019, 06:44

My question appears to be childish for nutrition and medical professional. Unfortunately in Pakistan there is a very limited awareness about the health hazards of trans fat. There is a very high consumption of trans-fat in Pakistan, it’s a very important part of a Pakistani meal, it is widely used by street vendors, bakeries and hotels, etc. etc. I mean to say, trans-fat has dangerously pervaded in the Pakistani meal, in spite of knowing that WHO has already set the target to ban or control the consumption of industrial trans-fat by 2023.WHY?

 How can we meet the challenges of malnutrition and NCDs in presence of trans fat?


Forum Moderator, ENN

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18 Jan 2020, 16:21

Response from Charif Said:

This is a relevant question. It deserves a systemic analysis of the safety of the food and nutritional chain from production to consumption. The food policeman is the lobbies of the American chemical and pharmaceutical industry that have been raining down and having a good time in banana plantations for more than four decades. They are responsible for the harmful effects of endocrine disruptors.

Many of the ecological transition ministers in France and Europe were forced to resign or accept the dictates of the lobbies. As François Mitterrand said, submit or resign.

Who is not aware of the junk food that floods the markets of the planet. We buy death from merchants and pharmacies. What proportion of the world's deaths are caused by the chemical and pharmaceutical industry?

The question of eating habits is very important, complex and complicated. It requires very thorough work within the culture of the intervention space. Because knowing is already acting.

Hence the expression the two essential verbs of life: to listen attentively and observe carefully.

This type of exercise needs patience and modesty.

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