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Where can I find simplified tools for community-level treatment of acute malnutrition?

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Bethany Marron

Nutrition Advisor

Technical expert

16 Jan 2020, 22:20

Today, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is launching a set of simplified tools we developed to guide low-literate CHWs through the diagnosis and treatment of acute malnutrition at the community level. The tools include 1) a modified MUAC tape, 2) weight scale decal to identify the daily dosage of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF), 3) a dosage calculator mat to count the weekly dosage of RUTF, 4) a patient register, and 5) pictorial counselling cards. This approach, and the tools, were first tested in South Sudan where iCCM CHWs achieved a performance rate of 91% and 75% of children admitted as SAM made a full recovery demonstrating that low-literate CHWs can accurately diagnose and treat children with the same quality as healthcare workers at facilities. The tools have also been contextualized and tested by partners—Malaria Consortium in Nigeria, Concern Worldwide in Malawi, and Action Against Hunger and Save the Children in Kenya.

By making the tools publically available to other organizations, we hope to see this approach replicated across contexts helping bring treatment closer to home in the areas that need it most!

To learn more about this protocol and the tools visit

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