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Sanitation and hygiene-safe toilet

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Janny Goris

Senior Public Health Nutritionist

Normal user

19 Jan 2020, 08:45

I am a volunteer Public Health Nutritionist working in the highlands of Papua New Guinea with PNG Foundation at I have been doing work in the area of nutrition, safe water, sanitation and hygiene. To improve sanitation, we are aiming to build 6 PIT latrines for a primary school which currently doesn't have any toilets and no access to safe water. 

Question: does anybody know where I can obtain 'safe toilet pans' (SATO or similar toilet pans in Asia-Pacific? Information received from the company indicate I can only order them in bulk (container) from India. Delivery address can be either Papua new Guinea or Australia. Many thanks.

Joel Kiarie Mwaura

Nutrition and Health Specialist

Normal user

21 Jan 2020, 16:15

A whole container will cost your organization a fortune. However, it would be cheaper in the long run if you have plans to scale up SATO installation to more communities in future. I am of the opinion that a wholesaler (rather than the manufacturer) may be able to send you a box of SATOs via flight, depending on whether they are interested on overseas markets. I am not sure why Lixil in India has not established distributors to sell their marchandize in small quantities, but they do so here in Kenya.

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