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MUAC malnutrition screening

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Mbaye Diop

Normal user

12 Feb 2020, 12:01


As part of screening activities, a question often comes back to me and I have not yet found the answer in all the research I have done,

It is the choice of arms for screening with MUAC

I would love to have an answer from you

Thank you

Mbaye Diop

Normal user

12 Feb 2020, 14:18

I make the choice of the LEFT hand.


Responsable Programme Santé Nutrition

Normal user

12 Feb 2020, 15:03

Concerning this choice of the Left hand, it was considered that the left hand works little compared to the right hand for the majority of the populations in the world. And a working muscle grows more. The left arm is less used, therefore is less muscular. This is why the choice was made for the left arm.

Dr EGNON, Nutrition Researcher

Mbaye Diop

Normal user

12 Feb 2020, 16:22

My problem is that for children who have just turned 6 months old they are not working and at that time it is very difficult to say whether they are left-handed or right-handed.



Normal user

12 Feb 2020, 16:48

Studies indicate that there is no difference between left and right arm measurements in children. In order to avoid disturbing a child in changing position either arm can be measured, depending which arm the mother presents to you. In adults, the left arm is measured.

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