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Information Management

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Anonymous 39240

Nutrition Officer

Normal user

23 Mar 2020, 17:57

Hello All,

How can we strengthen the information system to make a better preperation and response of this Covid-19? 

Thank you

Thomas B WEISS

Ex - Humanitarian actor - and else..

Normal user

23 Mar 2020, 19:28

This is a good question ! with so Many answers and purpose!

Field experiences and lessons learned from the ground (like most vulnerable countries before this actual context - (Africa, asia, middle east, south america) can be deployed and projected differently in western countries.

what are the blocking factors? or barriers to react corectly ?

Why only thinking about COVID ? and why we forget other diseases ? or other Human factors in this crisis time ?

Which Western countries apply all the Humanitarian Manuals correctly ?

Thank you,

Anonymous 39240

Nutrition Officer

Normal user

24 Mar 2020, 03:26

Dear Thomas, Thank you so much for your response. 

Isabelle Modigell

Normal user

28 Mar 2020, 04:31

Could you please clarify what kind of information system you are referring to? For example, are you referring to disease surveillance systems (a priority preparedness and readiness action) or knowledge management of guidance, tools, lessons learned etc.? 

With thanks, 


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