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Average Family Size and WFP Emergency Operation in Kenya 2004-2006

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John Borton

Frequent user

18 Feb 2009, 14:38

I have been reading the WFP evaluation of its Emergency Programme in Kenya EMOP 10374.0 (OEDE/2008/002) but I can find no information on whether rations were based on a standard (average) family size or were adjusted to the actual numbers within a family. It seems odd that there is no mention of this because my sense is that evaluations of GFDs involving interviews with beneficiaries often generate complaints about fixed ration sizes for families regardless of their size. Grateful for any light that you may be able to shed on this. Many thanks John

Jeremy Shoham

Co-director of ENN

Normal user

18 Feb 2009, 16:31

Interesting question. I cannot comment on what WFP's policy position is on this but having been involved in a number of WFP evaluations I would say that it is usual for them to adopt a standard ration based on average household size - usually five. However, with the advent of community based targeted distribution where the community draws up the beneficiary list and and takes care of the distribution themselves, there is more provision for ration amounts per household being related to household size. The difficulty here is that the village relief committe criteria for adapting rations to household size is not always transparent enough and many households I have interviewed have complained of unfairness. Be good to hear what the WFP policy on this actually is and whether they can actually adhere to a policy or is practice more driven by pipeline flows and resources.

Rita Bhatia

Technical expert

20 Mar 2009, 10:58

Hi This is Rita from WFP- Thailand. There is no such policy taht I am aware of in WFP. However, the rations are ususally based on average family size in a partcualr context. It will be difficult to cater to each and every family size in an EMOP. I am siiting next to Tamsin in WFP office in Bangkok who introduced me to this wonderful site. Best Rita

John Borton

Frequent user

20 Mar 2009, 11:02

Dear Rita Many thanks! Good to know where you are these days. Warm regards to you and also to Tamsin John

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