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Guidance on COVID-19 and breastfeeding and infant care

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Karleen Gribble

Adjunct Associate Professor, Western Sydney Uni

Normal user

29 Mar 2020, 06:48


I am looking for national/state/provincial or national organisational guidance on COCID-19 and breastfeeding and care of the newborn. I already have guidance from the UK, the US, Italy, the Netherlands, Malaysia, China, Japan, Australia, and Ireland as well as all of the international guidance (WHO, WFP, UNFPA etc). If you are aware of other guidance please share it with me. You are welcome to email me directly

Thank you 

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

1 Apr 2020, 09:25

Here is a link:

to the SCN resource page for COVID-19

I hope this is useful.

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