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Food consumption links to COVID-19

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8 Apr 2020, 14:07

From Johannes Linn at Brookings Institution:

Some major recent viral epidemics appear to begin with some form of human consumption of animal products, I understand (SARS, MERS, COVID-19). To the extent this appears to be a pattern that might repeat itself in future, doesn't this involve research questions that nutritional experts might be well equipped to address, including what are the behavioral food intake parameters that create the risk of animal-human viral transmission and how do you change that behavior to minimize future risks?

Lennart Woltering, CIMMYT

Scaling Catalyst

Normal user

9 Apr 2020, 14:16

hi, you may be interested in this article from CIMMYT:

"As human activities continue to disturb ecosystems worldwide, we are likely to see more pathogens crossing from wildlife to humans in the future."

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