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What are the weakest links in the supply/demand chain for nutrition in disasters and what are the policy responses?

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8 Apr 2020, 14:13

From Johannes Linn at Brookings Institution:

During natural disasters (including epidemics) keeping minimum nutrition levels up as food intake is interrupted due to supply and demand factors would seem to be critical matter -- the current debate in the US on school feeding programs under school closings is just one example. Do we have good research and pragmatic approaches on (a) what are the weakest links in the supply/demand chain of nutritional intake for different types and lengths of disasters; and (b) what are the appropriate policy responses and interventions, in terms of disaster prevention/preparation/response to minimize nutritional losses and their short- as well as long-term impacts?

Johannes Linn


Normal user

8 Apr 2020, 15:57

Readers may be interested in the discussion on this topic at a recent meeting of the Agriculture and Rural Development Working Group of the Scaling Up Community of Practice, summarized here: 

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