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Is it possible for developing countries to conduct the observational research on COVID-19 positive patients with mild to moderate infection, who are living in the isolation centers?

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13 Apr 2020, 20:31

This is the situation of crisis. We don’t have enough resources to deal with them right now. I think it could be helpful to check the general health status of the patient, by the utilization of some simple nutritional assessment methods, taking a blood test to diagnose the nutritional deficiencies  and asking questions about the patient’s dietary habits. If the patient is diagnosed with some vitamin /mineral or macronutrient deficiency, then he/she can be treated by the therapeutic diet or the dietary supplements in the isolation centers. During this period their health status and overall recovery time can be recorded and compared with other COVID-19 patients.

This record could be helpful to deal with other COVID-19 positive patients. It could also minimize the chances of re-infection.

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