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Planning for supply chain disruption to RUTF, RUSF and CSB++

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Natasha Lelijveld

Normal user

14 Apr 2020, 17:32

Hi all, 

Do organisations have contingency plans for disruption to therapeutic and supplementary food supplies, for CMAM programmes, in the next few months? What options do programmes have to support wasted children without these products? 

Besides some borders closing to imports, there are also decimations to cereal crop harvests in East Africa, both of which are having big impacts on local production of RUTF, RUSF and CSB++.... this is going to have big knock on affects for children needing support in the region... 

GTAM Wasting TWG

Emergency Nutrition Network

Frequent user

20 May 2020, 11:37

Hi Tash,

At present, every effort is being made to ensure that there is an adequate pipeline for specialised nutritious foods and large-scale pipeline breaks are not yet projected. However, with systematic closure of borders and airports and much unknown about the likely duration of the crisis, there is a risk of disruptions. 

An information note has been prepared following consultation with the members of the Wasting and Risk workstream of the GTAM. This note outlines some potential options programmes could consider, if faced with this situation. The note can be found here:

Wasting and COVID 19 Programme Adaptations Information Note 1 

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