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Impact on acute malnutrition when reducing health services during an outbreak

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Nuria Salse

MSF interim nut advisor OCBA

Normal user

20 Apr 2020, 15:54

Good morning.

I am trying to look for bibliography regarding the possible increase of acute malnutrition when acces to nutrition or health services are reduced. For example as it might happen during this covid19. Do you know of any modelling done?

For example for malaria I think some modellings are done looking at the increase in mortality if malaria case management is reduced. Does this exist for acute malnutrition?

Thanks so much

Chloe Angood

Normal user

14 May 2020, 16:53

Dear Nuria,

In response to your earlier question, a new paper on this was published yesterday. This models the impact on child and maternal mortality of COVID-19 in terms of increased levels of wasting and decreased coverage of maternal and child health services.

Best wishes


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