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Videos on micronutrient interventions in the Middle East

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Farah Asfahani

Normal user

24 Apr 2020, 11:24


I am trying to find videos (not necessarily recent) covering micronutrient interventions (supplementation, fortification, etc) in the Middle East region. Any help would be appreciated. 


Sona Sharma

SBC Advisor, Tech RRT

Normal user

14 May 2020, 05:47

Hello Farah,

While I have not found or know of any videos specifically for the Middle East region, I'm pasting two links below on videos for micronutrient interventions, which you could check to see if any of these fit your requirement - the SPRING site has multiple videos in different languages and contexts. The second is a well done animated video on understanding micronutrient food fortification, which could be used in any context to explain the basics.

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