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Programme adaptations in response to COVID-19

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Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

28 Apr 2020, 17:48

Dear all,

To support adaptation to prepare for and mitigate the effects of the COVID19 pandemic the Global Technical Assistance Mechanism for Nutrition (GTAM) is compiling, curating and presenting adaptations that are being rolled out in countries for:

Early detection and management of infant and child wasting,

Infant and young child feeding and micronutrients and

Nutrition information systems and surveillance.

We hope these might offer some practical ideas and approaches for others to adapt programming in response to questions coming to en-net. 

If you have good additional examples of adaptations, or questions in relation to adapting programmes, please share them here on the en-net forum as we will be compiling experiences and challenges shared here for reflection in the collections.

You can also submit an adaptation or solution you have implemented in your country or request support directly from GTAM here.

Public Nutritionist Desmonio Ombega

Ageng'a Graduate Accreditation Center

Normal user

13 Jul 2020, 16:28

These resources are helpful.

Thank you.

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