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Nutrition Coordinator - DRC

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COOPI - Cooperazione Internazionale

COOPI - Cooperazione Internazionale

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6 May 2020, 10:34

COOPI is looking for a Nutrition Coordinator in the DRC

General Responsibilities

The Nutrition Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Co-facilitation of the nutrition cluster at the National level, in close collaboration with the expatriate IMO and the cluster lead (UNICEF).
  • Support the design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of COOPI projects in the field of Nutrition.
  • Contribute to the qualitative improvement and growth in volume of COOPI nutrition activities in the DRC.

Specific Responsibilities

Co-facilitation of the Nutrition cluster at national level

  • Prepare and lead the meetings of the National Nutrition Cluster;
  • Represent the Nutrition cluster at meetings of the rapid response mechanism, Pronanut, GTT, the National Inter Cluster (ICN) of HAG and occasionally of HCT;
  • Participate in technical review committees for FH proposals (standard and emergency allocations);
  • Support for the functioning of sub-clusters in the provinces;
  • Organization / facilitation of training for members of the cluster;
  • Conduct field missions to monitor the implementation of nutrition projects in the field;
  • Conduct arbitration meetings in the event of duplicate activities (overlap) between partners / cluster members.

Development and consolidation of the Nutrition sector

  • Monitor the evolution of the needs of the target communities, identify priority areas, funding opportunities and share information with the HOM;
  • Organize and monitor basic technical assessments for the development of nutrition programs (SMART survey, SQUEAC, SLEAC; CAP, Focus group);
  • Ensure the preparation of nutrition project proposals, in particular on their technical components including in particular the definition of relevant indicators and provide them to the coordination for validation;
  • Proofreading of project proposals and reports produced by nutrition project managers and transmission to coordination for verification;
  • Role of technical referent for nutrition project managers;
  • Participate in the drafting of TOR for the various evaluation missions on nutrition-related programs;
  • Ensure proper sharing of information and regular exchanges with the nutrition focal point at the headquarters of COOPI;
  • Facilitate and contribute to the technical capitalization of Nutrition projects;
  • Oversee the timely collection and presentation of data and statistics for all nutrition programs;
  • Actively participate in COOPI Kinshasa coordination / SMT meetings.

We encourage international staff present in the country to apply.

Candidate profile


Higher university degree (Master) or equivalent by experience, in Nutrition or Public Health ;

Experience in outsourcing research projects to universities and support for research consultants.

Specific skills / experiences

At least 5 years of experience in the management and coordination of extreme emergency and nutrition development projects in developing countries;

Experience writing project proposals, donor reports and project design;

Mastery of the protocol for the management of acute malnutrition;

Mastery of the principles of infant and young child feeding;

Mastery of the link between nutrition and Wash;

Mastery of Wash guidelines;

Mastery of CMAM / Surge;

Mastery of techniques for supervision, monitoring, evaluation and capitalization of projects;

Have experience in carrying out evaluations using SMART and SQUEAC surveys;

Have already coordinated KAP surveys with focus group;

Proficiency in common software (Word, Excel, Power Point);

Fluency in French, written and spoken, and good knowledge of the English language;

Good writing skills.

Transversal skills

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;

Ability to work in a team, in a multicultural environment and under pressure.


Work experience in French-speaking African countries;

Previous experience with COOPI and knowledge of its procedures.

Send your application on the following link:

COOPI reserves the right to close a recruitment before the expiry date of the advertisement. Thank you for your understanding.

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