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30th June ENN Webinar: FEX 60/ GAP on child wasting

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26 Jun 2020, 09:26

The 60th edition of Field Exchange focused on the continuity of care (CoC) for treatment of children with wasting, providing a rich snapshot of programme experiences and research. Priority areas for action were identified in the editorial to address challenges in current ways of working.

In March 2020, five UN agencies (UNICEF, WFP, WHO, UNHCR, FAO) collectively published the Global Action Plan (GAP) on Child Wasting: A framework for action to accelerate progress in preventing and managing child wasting and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. A multi-year, multi-country and multi-stakeholder RoadMap for Action will be developed to facilitate implementation. The Framework and RoadMap will become the GAP on Child Wasting.

The Field Exchange Editors have appraised the GAP Framework in terms of the Field Exchange 60 priority areas of action to identify progress, where clarification is needed and outstanding actions to inform the development of GAP on Child Wasting. We invite you to a webinar to share and discuss our reflections. A brief will be circulated in advance to registered participants and available online.

The development of the GAP on Child Wasting is an unprecedented multi-UN agency owned action on wasting prevention and treatment. The aim of this exercise is to invite constructive, collective and practical engagement to support this initiative. We will be joined by key UN representatives to contribute to the conversation and share their plans in the development and finalization of the GAP on Child Wasting.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 30th June 2020 - 2.00pm - 3.30pm BST

A link to the invite can be found here

And this is the link to register

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