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GTAM Podcast Series: how programmes are adapting in light of COVID-19

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Natalie Sessions

Normal user

22 Jul 2020, 09:27

As the COVID response shifts and people are wanting to understand more how programmes are being adapted, ENN, as part of its work within the GTAM mechanism, has been reflecting on how best to share such information and capture stories from country-level responses. Given that everyone’s time is stretched at the moment, we realise that opportunities to document such adaptations (and for targeted audience members to have time to read and reflect on such documentation) are very limited. As a result, we are putting together a series of very short (10 mins) ‘connecting conversations’ in which programmers reflect on how they are adapting programmes in light of COVID-19 so that others can hear and learn from such experiences.  

The first three podcasts have been released on ENN’s MediaHub which explore reflections on how COVID-19 is affecting routine nutrition services in Jigawa State, Northern Nigeria and how GOAL Ethiopia is working with the Ethiopian Government to explore how the FamilyMUAC approach can be used as a programme adaptation in light of COVID-19 and the experiences of implementing the FamilyMUAC approach and adapting in light of COVID-19 in the Gambella region of Ethiopia, a refugee context by GOAL Ethiopia.

If you would like to share your experiences of how nutrition programmes are adapting in light of COVID-19 please contact,   

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