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CHWs toolkit BCC material: does it also include IYCF counselling?

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Anonymous 40368

Nutrition Manager/UNICEF

Normal user

29 Jul 2020, 14:29

This question relates to the CHW toolkit where the messages for using RUTF/TSFP items while disbursing the supplies were added. Does it include IYCF messages as well or not?’

I am of the view that the opportunity of dispensing RUTF/TSFP should also be capitalized on to give correct IYCF messages mostly on diverse diets, its importance, continuing breast feeding and hygiene. Without these messages, there is less possibility for mothers/caregivers to adopt good feeding practices. The aim of the CMAM programme through engagement of CNWs is not only to treat but also to ensure that mothers/care givers should also learn hygienic and optimal feeding practices.


Nutrition officer

Normal user

11 Aug 2020, 12:53

Base on my experience in this field, IYCF is very important. Yes it should be added to that tool in order to be delivered during dispensing of RUTF/TSFP. In addtion to that, IYCF is contributing to children treatment, meanwhile preventing the others from different forms of malnutrition.

Mhiret Teshome

Nutrition Expert

Normal user

11 Aug 2020, 14:42

I agree with you guys. I love this tool. it is quite precise, easy and to the point .Of course the CHWs toolkit BCC material doesn't include IYCF counseling tools. It would be very good if included. You all know that strong linkage of SAM management and IYCF counseling is important for better nutrition outcome. This will happen when mothers/caregivers get that knowledge and skill.

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