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How do we put in place Simplified protocols for management of acute malnutrition in the context of covid 19?

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Batakafua Bapandayi Pascal

Nutritionniste ONG FONLIV

Normal user

30 Jul 2020, 11:21

Tanya Khara

Technical Director

Forum moderator

3 Aug 2020, 16:29

Do take a look at the discussion and resources posted on our COVID-19 and nutrition programming related to simplified protocols

Specifically there is a new Toolkit from IRC/UNICEF - CHW Community-Based Treatment of Uncomplicated Wasting for Children 6-59 Months in the Context of Covid-19. Some of the tools are available in French.

Pilar Charle-Cuéllar

Health and nutrition adviser

Normal user

30 Sep 2020, 15:56

Welcome to share with you the training of trainers, online and offline that Action against Hunger, has developed to train community health workers in acute malnutrition treatment, during COVID19.

The general objective of this training is to prepare potential trainers to train and support community health workers in their learning for the decentralization of the treatment of acute malnutrition.

You only need to register for the course to have access to the modules, training guide and graphics.

The need to train community health workers on CMAM and the difficulty of providing face-to-face training due to the restrictions movements of people during  the pandemic, have made Action against Hunger to develop a cascade training :

  • In the first step, a training of trainers course: online, demonstrative, interactive and with practical exercises.
  • And at a second level, the training of the CHW (the community health worker) which will be carried out later.

The training is adapted to “combined protocol” and also “COVID19” context.

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