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should children on RUTF be given other foods

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Steve Kegoli

Nutrition Manager

Normal user

14 Apr 2011, 07:06

in the management of SAM RUTF is adminstered to the child, its generally understood that the child has to complete the prescribed amount of RUTF which in some cases meets the RDA. This has led to the general reccomendation that RUTF should be given alone and no other food be given.

Anonymous 118

Nutrition Advisor

Normal user

1 Jun 2011, 22:12

From the FANTA-2 generic CMAM protocol: The caregiver is advised to feed the child with small amounts of RUTF, encourage the child to finish the allocated daily ration before giving any other foods (except for breast milk) and encourage the child to eat as often as possible (every three-to-four hours). The RUTF ration is a full food ration for the child; the child should not eat anything else except breast milk during the first week. The breastfed child should be offered breast milk on demand and before being fed RUTF. Safe drinking water should be given after feeding the child RUTF to keep the child hydrated. Caregivers should be advised not to mix RUTF with liquids as this may foster bacteria growth.

Anne Walsh

Normal user

6 Jun 2011, 09:40

The correct ration of RUTF will provide the child with all of their nutritional needs for recovery from SAM. The simplest messages to give the carer are: "The child should eat all of the daily ration before being given any other foods (apart from breastmilk)." "If the child is breastfeeding continue to put the child to the breast regularly." "If not breasfeeding always offer the child water to dring whilst he/she is eating the RUTF."

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