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Can preventative/ blanket feeding programmes provide supplements for even longer during the pandemic?

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GTAM Wasting TWG

Emergency Nutrition Network

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7 Aug 2020, 14:34

Question escalated to the prevention workstream of the Wasting TWG. Can preventative/ blanket feeding programmes provide supplements for even longer? E.g. 2-3 months?


Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

4 Sep 2020, 17:34

Response from the wasting prevention subgroup of the GTAM:

The answer is yes, although BSFP are generally established for a pre-defined period (3-6 months), their duration will depend on the scale and severity of the crisis but also on the GAM prevalence, the food security, the levels of chronic malnutrition and/or ongoing epidemics.

It is expected that after 3-6 months of BSFP the situation will improve (e.g. food available, epidemics under control, safe water available, etc.). However, BSFP may last longer where populations rely entirely on humanitarian assistance or if a new issue affects the food security situation of the population. The assessment of the overall situation will determine whether the BSFP can be scaled down or whether it needs to be extended. BSFP rations are not intended to replace a normal diet or General Food Assistance (GFA) but are to be consumed in addition to it, and without interrupting breastfeeding in children aged 6-23 months. These recommendations should be adapted to the context and national policies.

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