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UNICEF-WHO guidelines 2020 prevention and treatment of wasting during Covid19

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Normal user

31 Aug 2020, 08:50

The new UNICEF and WHO guidelines for treatement of wasting during covid19 recommends plumpynut 2 sachets for SAM and 1 sachet for MAM, but, when there is too many MAM and few plumpynut, can we use plumpysup?? thank you Abdul


Action Against Hunger UK

Technical expert

10 Sep 2020, 16:54

Hi Abdul,

In short, yes you can. 

The GTAM technical brief actually states: "Adopt simplified RUF dosage (e.g. 1 sachet/day for uncomplicated moderate wasting, and 2 sachets/day for uncomplicated severe wasting)". Note "RUF", not 'RUTF'.



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