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Call for Participants - Qualitative research on male female differences in malnutrition and impact on anthropometric tools

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Student - LSHTM

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16 Sep 2020, 09:34

Male female differences in malnutrition and implications on anthropometric tools: Participants needed for a qualitative research study

I am a current MSc Nutrition for Global Health student at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). For my final thesis, I am collecting and analyzing primary qualitative data through remote 30-minute interviews via Zoom.

My project aims to understand implications of sex-specific differences in malnutrition on field assessment of anthropometry.

The title is the following:

Perceptions of male female differences in malnutrition and implications for field assessment of anthropometry: A qualitative study

Anyone with experience in field anthropometric assessments is welcome and encouraged to participate.

For further information please contact me directly at

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