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New review on the cost-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the management of wasting in children

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28 Sep 2020, 10:30

Here is a new report on the cost-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the management of wasting in children: A review of the evidence, approaches, and lessons. 

Results are: 

  • Indications are that CMAM is cost-effective. There is some evidence that community health worker-led treatment of severe wasting increases cost-effectiveness relative to outpatient treatment alone. The combined protocol for the treatment of MAM and SAM was also found to be cost-effective compared to standard care. 
  • Cost per child treated for severe wasting ranged from US$56 to US$805 while cost per child recovered ranged from US$114 to US$1041.
  • The high degree of variance in the findings suggest the importance of contextual determinants of cost-efficiency and cost-effectiveness are at play including the scale of the programme. Differences in methods used in data collection and analysis also contributed to this. 

Key discussions/Recommendations:

  • More cost-efficiency and cost-effectiveness analysis, in particular largescale longer-term community-based programmes and new approaches, are needed to inform decision-making on treatment options. 
  • Cost data collection and analysis methodologies need to be agreed and standardised across the sector.
  • There needs to also be transparency on the methods and costs used, as well as the context in which these programmes take place.

Please share and enjoy!

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