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What is the ingredient ratio for the RUTF recipe? and machinery needs and costs

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Alejandro Orendain

Normal user

30 Sep 2020, 16:23

I am helping to assess the feasibility to implement local RUTF production, in order to do this I need the following information:

the demand to be satisfied is around 1600-1800 MT per year of RUTF

  • Machinery needed - suppliers and costs
  • the amount of ingredients (i.e. how many kg of peanuts does 1 MT of plumpy nut have?) the same for the rest of the ingredients
  • Any other relevant information

Many Many Thanks,


Anonymous 40397


Normal user

1 Oct 2020, 04:52

Hello Alejandro,

Had a look at your queries. Where you want to set up the manufacturing plant of RUTF?

And share your email id or whtsapp number.

Thank you,

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