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I have a concern; do people continue to feed on bio fortified food after overcoming the dietary deficiency?

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Freelance Nutritionist

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29 Oct 2020, 09:31

The malnutrition in Pakistan is the major issue, it requires the immediate solution, especially after the covid-19 pandemics, it’s mandatory to deal it immediately. The bio-fortification of crops surely help to reduce the malnutrition.

As a nutrition professional my concern is how the body absorbs the bio-fortified food. I think bio fortified food is good for those, who have the documented deficiencies otherwise the levels of vitamins or minerals may exceed, which could be harmful for health.

When bio fortified food filled the dietary gap, then what will be the next step, do people keep on feeding the bio fortified food? Or government has any plan to resolve the soil depletion issue by precision agriculture or planting cover crop etc.

Alida Melse

Associate Professor, Wageningen University

Normal user

29 Oct 2020, 12:50

Continued consumption of conventionally biofortified crops should not be a concern. Extra nutrients taken in via this route come in small but frequent doses and is not comparable with for instance supplements that provide (much) higher doses albeit less frequently. The natural caloric content of the crops prevent overconsumption. Biofortified crops are meant to stay to improve overall dietary quality, so that other measures (i.e. supplementation programs) can be abolished on the long term. Nevertheless, soil quality should always be a concern, since biofortified crops will also not perform well in depleted soils.

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