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Factors Affecting Utilisation of Insecticide Treated Net among Household with Children Less than Five Years in Hodan District, Mogadishu, Somalia

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Mohamed Hassan Mohamed


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12 Nov 2020, 02:32

Malaria is hyper-endemic in Somalia and remains one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality, especially vulnerable groups such as old people, pregnant women, and children under five years. The prevalence of the disease is the highest along the rivers, settlements in southern Somalia, with artificial water reservoirs, where there is a year-round transmission. About 80% of malaria cases in Somalia occur in the Shebelle and Juba river basins. Outside of the malaria-endemic areas, it is estimated that 87% of Somalia is at risk of being exposed to malaria epidemics. According to a recent KAP (knowledge, attitude, and practices) survey, less than 10% of the households have Insecticide- treated mosquito net. This cross-sectional study was conducted to describe the factors affecting utilization of Insecticide-treated net among households with children under 5 years in Hodan district. The study was all adult households (more than 18 yrs.) with five years. A total of 50 respondents were interviewed during the period of data collection. A structured questionnaire dealing with socio-demographic characteristics, household’s knowledge about the Insecticide-treated net and availability and ownership and uses of Insecticide-treated net were used as data collection instrument. Results were presented in frequency tables and graphics. The majority of respondents indicated that 30 out of 50 (60%) have Insecticide-treated mosquito net while 20 out of 50 (40%) do not have it. The main reason for those who do not have Insecticide-treated mosquito net they did not able to afford it. Knowledge about malaria and Insecticide-treated mosquito net importance, the majority of respondents (92%) believe that there is a great benefit to use Insecticide-treated mosquito net for a reason to protect them mosquito bites.20 (40%) were primary education and they didn’t know the causes of malaria (38 out of 50, 76%). The households of the Hodan district need special attention to the utilization of Insecticide-treated mosquito net. Free provision of Insecticide-treated net awareness creation on the utilization of Insecticide- treated mosquito nets and participated in an income generates supremely important activities. This study demonstrated a wide gap between knowledge, Insecticide-treated mosquito net ownership, and Utilization among the household with children less than 5 years. Therefore, the suggested recommendations arising from this study are for effective case management and control efforts of malaria. One of the strongest weapons in the fight against malaria is the use of insecticide-treated mosquito net while sleeping. Keywords Malaria, Insecticide Treated Bed Nets, Household, A Mosquito Net

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