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Please help me find African COVID-19 maternal and newborn care guidance

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This question relates to COVID-19.

Karleen Gribble

Normal user

30 Nov 2020, 03:16


With colleagues, I am conducting some research looking at COVID-19 guidance for pregnancy, maternal, and newborn care to see how supportive or unsupportive they are of skin-to-skin contact, maternal-infant proximity and breastfeeding. We are collecting government guidance where Ministries of Health have approved guidance or professional organisation guidance (e.g. Associations of Obstetricians etc) where they have not. I am having particular difficulty locating guidance from African countries. At this time I only have guidance from Botswana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, and Morocco. If people could send me ( or direct me to guidance from any other African countries I would be very grateful. It does not matter what language they are in.

Karleen Gribble



Normal user

30 Nov 2020, 12:00

Hello Karleen,

You can write to for information on Niger's guidance of COVID-19 in pregnancy, newborn and maternal.



Karleen Gribble

Normal user

1 Dec 2020, 03:45

Thank you very much. Your help is very appreciated.

Kind Regards


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