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Event: How and why do people make food choices? Join us 14 Jan for the 1st webinar in our new series

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Sylvia Levy

Communications Officer, ANH Academy, IMMANA, LSHTM

Normal user

5 Jan 2021, 17:59

Join the ANH Academy for an exciting webinar series we are co-hosting this year with the Drivers of Food Choice (DFC) program at the University of South Carolina (UofSC) – the series is about Drivers of food choice in low and middle-income countries: a synthesis of evidence. This first webinar is on 14 January and it will focus on “Understanding how and why people make food choices in LMIC for promotion of sustainable healthy diets”. Learn more about the first webinar here, and make sure to register now! It will be moderated by Edward Frongillo (UofSC) and presentations will include:

  • Christine Blake (UofSC): Key learnings from the DFC program
  • Mirriam Matita (LUANAR and University of Malawi) and Helen Walls (LSHTM): Household participation in food markets and dietary diversity: evidence from rural Malawi
  • Sigrid Wertheim-Heck (Wageningen University): Transformations of the food retail environment and dynamics in food consumption of low-income urbanites: evidence from Vietnam

About this webinar series: If you are interested in food environments, food choice behaviours, food safety and the role of social, cultural and economic factors in food choice, then this is the webinar series for you! The series will include one session per month for four months, from January to April 2021 and everyone is welcome to join - whether you work on food environments and food choice or if you are interested in learning and sharing.

See you on 14 January!

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