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Tools for country and facility level cMAMI preparedness assessments?

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Polly Walker

Associate Director- Technical Development

Normal user

6 Jan 2021, 12:33

We are preparing to conduct a couple of feasibility assessments for community and clinical capacity building for cMAMI and nurturing care integration into IMAM. I was wondering if anyone has developed or adapted any tool for health facility and CHW readiness assessment that can be easily used with limited training (i.e. remote support only)? It would be much appreciated!

Alice Burrell

Save the Children

Frequent user

8 Jan 2021, 11:19

Hi Polly,

I have developed a feasibility tool for MAMI, but I am not sure if it fits your needs as it's focused on whether a country office/ country has the capacity to begin implementation of the MAMI Care Pathway (previously the CMAMI Tool) instead of at a health facility level. Let me know if it would still be useful for me to share and I can email this to you.

Dr Marko Kerac


Normal user

8 Jan 2021, 12:06

Hi Polly,

Great that you're doing this. A few things:

1) Do also post in MAMI thread - we know more and more that there are many non-acute underlying causes of 'malnutrition' in this age group.

2) Wasting is also not the best measure of risk - underweight has many advantages

These include easier links with growth monitoring, vaccination and health programmes.

3) We're currently working on a "version 3" of the MAMI care pathway (new name for MAMI tool - to emphasise the wider context that needs to be considered - see

4) Since there are many other underlying health issues to be considered, it's important to link care of this age group much more closely to health rather than nutrition progremmes (hence also dropping the "c" of cMAMI to avoid confustion with CMAM)

Look forward to hearing outcomes of your work in due course.

Good luck,


Polly Walker

Associate Director- Technical Development

Normal user

12 Jan 2021, 11:08

Dear Marko -  thank you for this feedback, this is very helpful and will align the proposal to your suggestions. 

Alice - thank you very much! I would love to see the tools - are you able to share these with me via, or post a link if they are already published? 


Health Advisor

Normal user

15 Jan 2021, 23:51

Thanks a lot for all of those great exchange, we have that kind of discussion lately with my colleagues would you share you're tools with me too @Alice? This will really appreciated!

Have a good day


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