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Vacancy - remote consultancy for a nutritionist with experience in developing SBCC materials

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Nutrition technical lead

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13 Jan 2021, 04:03

We are looking for a nutritionist with experience in development of SBCC materials. This is home based consultancy.

The project focuses on a large number of garment factories and aim to improve the nutrition among garment workers in Myanmar.

The role of the nutrition expert would be to:

Develop SBCC curriculum

Develop KAP and implement KAP survey

Develop and lead/support the implementation a research project to capture potential nutritional deficits among a selection of the target beneficiaries and their children will be conducted

Consolidate findings in two knowledge products no later than early February, 2022.

Conduct a detailed study on the health of babies of at least 60 women who received cash transfer

Mentoring and monitoring of junior nutritionist/ doctors on the project

This person will work with a C4D and in collaboration with me. This is a super exciting project which can build well on the research I have done already in garment sector. 

It’s about 60 days for 1 year starting in Feb.

If you are interested, please contact me at this address:  and share your CV asap.

Dikoda Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with a head office in London. Dikoda’s vision is to support better health and nutrition among children, adolescent girls and women through innovative research and solutions for impact. Its mission is to support public and private sector stakeholder to deliver scalable, high quality initiatives that reduce malnutrition through evidence generation and capacity building.

Dikoda’s objectives are:

  1. To provide scalable and sustainable solutions to reduce malnutrition
  2. To strengthen evidence in health and nutrition through independent research
  3. To design novel, low-cost and easy to use monitoring tools

Dikoda researches and tests nutrition specific and sensitive interventions through its expert consultant pool and trained partners covering; formative research, landscape studies, baseline/endline studies, census/national survey support, impact studies, training package development and monitoring tool development. 

As a new organization, Dikoda Ltd is still building its networks across business, international development community and governments. At this time, most of its work is focused in Asia.

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