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F-100 or F-75 as an Alternate of RUTF

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Anonymous 739

Project Director

Normal user

4 Feb 2021, 07:46

Hello Dear Experts,

I have one question that can we use F-100 or F-75 as an alternate of RUTF for the management of SAM uncomplicated children in OTP sites?

The need is raised in the context of the unavailability of RUTF for already enrolled SAM children at OTP sites and the unavailability will be continued around 2 more months.

The available quantity of F-100 & F-75  are in Surplus and will not be utilized in NSCs in due time.

Michael Krawinkel

Prof.em./Justus-Liebig University Giessen

Normal user

4 Feb 2021, 22:06

Dear colleague, yes, you can. RUTF is just a replacement of F-100 for emergencies. 


Action Against Hunger

Normal user

4 Feb 2021, 22:50

Dear Sir,

RUTF has been created because F100 and F75 couldn't be taken at home due to the risk in both wrong dilution and unhygienic preparation at home (lack of clean water, difficulties in washing the equipments). Note that F75 is not adequate for weight gain which you are trying to achieve with uncomplicated patients and that F100 doesn't contain iron while RUTF does. You would need to ensure that all the conditions are reunited to ensure a safe utilization of F100 instead of RUTF if you have to use it in outpatient. A safer way would be to ask for the caretaker to bring the child to the facility at least once a day to get the F100 already prepared stored in hygienic conditions. Have you tried to borrow RUTF from other implementers ?



Normal user

5 Feb 2021, 05:57

Dear Sir /Madam

The replacement of F100 is rutf as they both aid in weight gain.

The challenge with using F100 at home is caregiver ability to meet

the required hygiene standards. You therefore run into a possibility of increasing diarrhoea and pneumnia cases among the children. This will counter the aim of 

supplimentation which is to achieve weight gain...

I have personally had such experiences and though we have standards

you treat the patient the best way you can ensuring hygiene standards 

standards are met. If it can be done at the facility F100 can serve the purpose...But try and borrow and let this be your last option

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